March 19, 2020


At TRIMEDX, the health and well-being of our associates, their families, our health care providers and their patients are our top priority. As the provider of clinical engineering essential functions, we remain steadfast in delivering on our commitment to all clients by ensuring that medical equipment is properly maintained and ready for use when needed. Our goal is to minimize disruptions related to medical equipment readiness so that clinicians can maximize their time at the bedside to aid in the fight against the flu and novel coronavirus.

With the heightened flu season and influx of novel coronavirus, our thoughts are with everyone around the world who are impacted, and especially with health care providers who are on the front lines of patient care. As we continue to navigate this unprecedented situation, we will evaluate new information and provide the support needed as we continue to work together.

The following frequently asked questions provides detail around our response related to COVID-19.

  • What is TRIMEDX doing to continue supporting our clients?
    • TRIMEDX has set up a multi-disciplinary command center supported by a task force that is actively monitoring TRIMEDX operations and working with our clients to ensure continued safety and support, in accordance with health authority recommendations. Part of the protocols include communication huddles per shift and twice-weekly field leadership meetings across our 3,700 sites to discuss challenges and share best practices.
    • We have implemented additional protocols to our field technicians to support our healthcare providers and their patient’s safety, including split shifts to accommodate associates’ personal and family needs, to reduce risk of exposure, and to extend operational hours of support. All non-essential travel has been eliminated.
    • We are conducting additional cross-training of our technicians to ensure we have added bandwidth and depth to provide coverage to the devices essential for the treatment of COVID-19 patients.
    • We are prioritizing the maintenance and repair of medical equipment essential in the treatment of the flu and novel coronavirus.
  • How is TRIMEDX working to ensure business continuity?
    • TRIMEDX has been able to continue our business operations.
    • We are working closely with our supplier partners to ensure minimal disruptions are experienced, specifically but not limited to vendor service, parts availability and priority shipping/logistics and publishing a daily status for our field.
    • We working to identify additional cross-training for technicians in the field, as well as identifying flexible/split shift opportunities.
  • What additional steps are you taking to support your associates ?
    • The TRIMEDX multi-disciplinary command center is meeting daily to debrief and gather new information, as it becomes available, or information changes.
    • Regular, and as needed, communication is being provided to our associates in regard to their health and well-being, the work in the field, supporting our clients, compensation and benefits, travel and flexible/split work arrangements.
    • For associates who are ill, we are requiring them to say home and have implemented specific processes to report a possible or confirmed work/social exposure.
    • We are actively tracking associates who have experienced and reported a work or social exposure.

If you have questions from the TRIMEDX team, please contact us at