Clinical Asset Management


The TRIMEDX Clinical Asset Management (CAM) solutions combine technology-enabled, best-in-class clinical engineering and real-time network monitoring with next-generation clinical asset informatics. As a result of this powerful combination, clinical assets are transformed into a strategic lever to improve the overall performance of a health system to:

  • Drive up profitability
  • Improve device utilization
  • Reduce risk
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Enable clinician engagement

As hospitals are experiencing unprecedented pressure to reduce their capital spending―often without the objective data necessary to guide their capital planning decisions―it is important to ask the following questions:

  • What is the utilization rate of my existing clinical assets?
  • What is the availability of those assets?
  • How do I know what the true useful life should be for my clinical assets?
  • How many medical devices do I actually need?

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The TRIMEDX national database of medical device benchmarks is combined with client-specific utilization data and other factors such as device specific repair events, parts availability and more. This data is integrated through a proprietary algorithm into the TRIMEDX RUDR Score℠, an action-oriented score for each device in inventory that is displayed through the TRIMEDX Clinical Asset Informatics platform. This score helps determine which medical devices are ready for Replacement, Upgrade, Disposition or Reallocation to alternate sites.

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Determine if and when assets should be replaced by comparing clinical asset inventory, device utilization and repair history against national benchmarks.

Extend the useful life of your assets by analyzing device age, condition, performance and options for software and hardware upgrades.

Maximize the return on your assets by identify underutilized or retired assets that have remaining market value.

Ensure your clinical assets are available at the right place at the right time by analyzing demand and utilization of clinical assets across all sites of care.

The TRIMEDX clinical asset planning resources provide data and tools drive cost saving opportunities across healthcare organizations. The high window of transparency to metrics and historical trends provides healthcare leaders insight into:

  • How much ​equipment is owned across the system, by manufacturers and functional areas?
  • What are my inventory trends over time when comparing adds to retires?
  • How does my hospital compare to other sites within my healthcare system?


With a foundational understanding of their medical device inventory and application of the TRIMEDX RUDR Score℠, clients can start to make better informed decisions around:

  • Inventory optimization: Which assets to prioritize for replacement, upgrade, disposition and reallocation
  • Benchmarking performance: Which sites have too much equipment relative to the rest of the system
  • Cost savings: Where to focus efforts for cost savings opportunities
$ 890 M+

CapEx avoidance and deferral

$ 520 M+

OpEx savings

15-25 %

Annual capital expense avoidance

Building on the financial savings generated through our Clinical Engineering program, TRIMEDX helps manage your assets’ lifecycle by identifying opportunities for asset reallocation and disposition based on performance, cost and other available assets in inventory.

Through insights gleaned from proprietary national benchmarks and client-specific device utilization data, TRIMEDX analyzes clients’ medical device inventory to determine where specific medical devices would be better reallocated to alternate sites of care in order to maximize their use and reduce CapEx and OpEx.

Leveraging this same data, the TRIMEDX Asset Disposition Services team supports healthcare leaders in pinpointing medical devices that have outlived their usefulness in their facilities and are appropriate for disposition, maximizing hidden monetary value.

Additionally, the Centurion Service Group, a TRIMEDX subsidiary, provides industry-leading surplus medical equipment disposal services through full-service auctions, from pick-up to drop-off, addressing all clinical asset disposition needs.


  • Cost savings: Save CapEx and OpEx through reallocation of clinical assets to alternate sites of care where they will receive optimal usage
  • Inventory optimization: Accurately identify medical equipment ready for disposition
  • Maximize ROI: Get the best possible price for clinical assets
  • Turnkey solution: TRIMEDX manages negotiations and logistics to simplify the disposition process
120,000 +

Pieces of equipment sold annually

20-50 %

Higher returns over OEM trade-in value

50 +

Auctions per year

The TRIMEDX technology-enabled Mobile Medical Equipment (MME) management program is built upon best-in-class lean processes for the cleaning and management of mobile equipment through an on-site team of experts.

The TRIMEDX MME app tracks all activity related to mobile medical equipment―utilization, cleaning, location transfer and more. This data is analyzed to help drive operational performance and to deliver client insights for more informed decision making.


  • Patient safety: Mobile medical equipment is cleaned using ATP testing protocols
  • Time optimization: Reduce time spent looking for equipment and create standardized and reliable mobile equipment workflows
  • Clinician satisfaction: Current clients experience an average increase from <2 to >4 on a five-point scale in nursing satisfaction
  • Cost savings: Reduce capital and operating expenditure
72-75 %

Reduction in time spent looking for mobile medical equipment

57-60 %

Improvement in device cleanliness

47-50 %

Increase in nursing satisfaction