Device Safety and Security


Maintaining the safety and security of medical devices is critical to ensuring the safety of clients’ patients. With cybersecurity threats on the rise, increased scrutiny of medical devices by governing bodies, and a myriad of choices when it comes to parts and service providers, TRIMEDX leverages years of experience and dedicated resources to ensure clients’ medical devices are safe and available to deliver best-in-class patient care.

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TRIMEDX, in partnership with Medigate, is combining cybersecurity expertise with a best-in-class healthcare technology platform to develop and execute device safety and security best practices. Clients address growing medical device cybersecurity concerns through real time monitoring of connected medical devices for threats and vulnerabilities to support patient safety and organizational reputation. This real-time monitoring also captures device-specific utilization data which allows clients to make more informed decisions around their clinical asset inventory.

To ensure the greatest safety for medical devices, the TRIMEDX CYBER solution includes:

  • TRIMEDX CYBER specialists, certified through the TRIMEDX CYBER Academy’s custom-built curriculum for medical devices and cybersecurity. These specialists manage all aspects of cybersecurity remediation including application of patches and support of compensating controls. Three levels of associate cybersecurity training advance their knowledge and skillset in a leading medical device cybersecurity training and certification program.
  • A comprehensive connected medical device inventory.
  • Advocacy with OEMs to acquire OEM-validated software patches for remediation or, when patches are unavailable, application of compensating controls to ensure protection of vulnerable assets.
  • A dedicated TRIMEDX team that constantly monitors over 40 sources of intelligence for threats and vulnerabilities.
  • A proprietary CYBER Risk Score on each connected medical device. This risk score evaluates the medical device profile, device behavior and potential impact to patient safety. This score drives recommendations around device replacement, upgrade and disposition.

All data is available through TRIMEDX Clinical Asset Informatics, which provides real-time access to all data specific to medical device inventory, maintenance and repairs, the TRIMEDX RUDR Score℠ as well as the TRIMEDX CYBER Risk Score.


TRIMDEX’s integrated, predictable and proactive cybersecurity ecosystem delivers comprehensive inventory tracking of connected medical devices for real-time monitoring, management and remediation of threats and vulnerabilities.

The proprietary TRIMEDX CYBER Risk Score prioritizes strategic decision making for the protection of medical devices to address:

  • Patient safety
  • Consequences of failure
  • Cyber vulnerabilities
  • FDA alerts and recalls
95 %

Identification and matching of all connected medical devices on average


Cybersecurity remediation work orders managed monthly

5 +

New cybersecurity vulnerabilities managed monthly

Cybersecurity threats can materialize at any time, which is why having the right technology in place for continuous monitoring of connected medical devices is critical. Through the partnership between TRIMEDX and Medigate, clients benefit from real-time monitoring and threat detection. This sophisticated system monitors all network behavior, identifying anomalies in network activity and reducing false alerts.

In addition, the combination of real-time monitoring and the detailed device profile captured for each connected medical device allows TRIMEDX to deliver a proprietary CYBER Risk Score, identifying those connected medical devices at the highest risk and providing a recommendation plan of action and prioritization through TRIMEDX Clinical Asset Informatics.


Through continuous monitoring and remediation of cybersecurity vulnerabilities, the TRIMEDX CYBER Solution helps health systems protect the safety of their patients and avoid costly cybersecurity breaches, estimated at over $7.13M pre breach*

*IBM Security: Cost of a Data Breach Report 2020.

TRIMEDX integrates quality and regulatory monitoring into all functional workflows, increasing patient safety and decreasing risk for healthcare organizations. Clients are supported through:

  • Environment of Care (EOC) investigations into patient safety incidents
  • Accreditation and regulatory surveys
  • FDA alerts and recalls
  • Mock audits
  • Supplier quality audits


  • Ensure patient safety
  • Maintain compliance with all governing bodies
  • Minimize organizational risk exposure
300 +

Accreditation and regulatory hospital surveys supported annually with no conditional findings

7,900 +

Work orders managed monthly due to FDA Alerts and Recalls

40 +

Sources of intelligence monitored for vulnerabilities


Medical Device Security: Where to start?

Cyberattacks on the healthcare industry are on the rise, raising the risks and costs associated with your connected medical devices and the data they hold. So where should you start when putting into place a cybersecurity strategy for your health system? Learn more about the critical components of a comprehensive medical device cybersecurity strategy.