The TRIMEDX Device Safety and Security solution bridges the gaps between these traditional departments using industry standards and best practices. TRIMEDX offers dedicated, onsite cyber experts, expanding the depth of knowledge around your clinical assets to support the management of integrated devices and provide rapid response for cybersecurity vulnerabilities and threats.

Key Capabilities
  • Comprehensive Cyber Data Repository: Connected and connectable device inventory including networking, security, software, PACS/DICOM, and operating system.
  • Tracking and management of known device vulnerabilities.
  • OEM management and collaboration.
  • Centralized management and onsite application of medical device OEM-validated device updates and patches.
  • Integration of clinical assets into medical device networks, PACS, & EMR interfaces.
  • Hardening of clinical assets against cybersecurity vulnerabilities or threats, device network configurations, and device integrations.
  • Event Response Support: In the event of a cybersecurity attack, TRIMEDX onsite resources will support your organization and, as necessary, a team of enterprise CE CYBER experts will convene to assist and contain the threat.