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Total clinical asset performance

We work with health systems to define a clear path to next-generation clinical asset management. Through our TRIMEDX Solution Suite, we provide clear visibility and impartial decision-making around clinical asset management, utilization and performance. Total Clinical Asset Performance facilitates increased return on investment, reduced risk and improved provider and patient satisfaction.



By moving up the maturity curve, TRIMEDX clients realize improved financial and quality performance by strategically leveraging clinical assets – all while mitigating risk and ensuring clinician and patient satisfaction.


Disaggregated Equipment Maintenance

Disaggregated Equipment Maintenance

  • Fragmented Data
  • Reliance on OEMs
  • Break-Fix Model
  • Multiple Databases
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Clinical Asset Visibility

Clinical Asset Visibility

Technology-Enabled Clinical Engineering

  • Rapid Response Time
  • High Equipment Availability
  • Full Regulatory Compliance
  • Visibility into Device Performance
  • Improved Device Security
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Optimized Clinical Asset Utilization

Optimized Clinical Asset Utilization

Clinical Asset Lifecycle Informatics

  • Improved Asset Utilization
  • Replacement Budget Forecasting
  • Asset Redeployment
  • Accelerated Device Retirements
  • Increased Cash from Asset Retirements
  • Comprehensive Device Security
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Strategic Clinical Asset Management

Strategic Clinical Asset Management

Total Clinical Asset Performance

  • Clinical Asset Profitability
  • Clinical Asset ROI
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Clinician Engagement
  • Service Line Strategy
  • Financial Predictability
  • M&A Efficiencies
  • Enterprise Standards
  • Cybersecurity Remediation Services
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Disaggregated Equipment Maintenance

Providers that begin the journey on the maturity curve typically have a disaggregated clinical engineering program, characterized by a reactive, break-fix model, without true visibility into how much clinical equipment is in their environment, total maintenance spend, or asset utilization. We often find health systems at this stage spending 30-40% more on clinical assets than they had estimated.

Clinical Asset Visibility

To resolve these challenges, TRIMEDX creates an onsite, centralized, technology-enabled clinical engineering program that results in unprecedented visibility, predictable cost savings, and best-in-class maintenance and repair.

Optimized Clinical Asset Utilization

With a centralized clinical engineering foundation established, optimized clinical asset management creates unprecedented visibility into device utilization to help reduce the footprint of your total equipment inventory, allows objective and proactive replacement forecasting, and promptly retires assets that are no longer needed – all while ensuring device safety and security by bridging the gap between IT, clinical engineering, and security teams.

Strategic Clinical Asset Management

Strategic clinical asset management creates insights that arm executives with intelligence on utilization, profitability, and demand patterns, supporting system-wide planning and other strategic initiatives.

Clinical Engineering Services

Our comprehensive technology-enabled clinical engineering service goes above and beyond the maintenance of your equipment. Our onsite program extends the life of your clinical assets, minimizes unplanned downtime of your equipment, increases patient safety, and improves regulatory compliance.

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Clinical Asset Management

TRIMEDX is combining technology-enabled, best-in-class clinical engineering with next-generation clinical asset management to transform your clinical assets into a strategic lever for your health system. Our clinical asset management solutions enable proactive asset replacement planning, enabling a more predictable capital budget; management of the entire lifecycle of equipment, including retirement and disposal, which maximizes dollars returned to your health system; and utilization services, which improves ROI on equipment.

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Clinical Asset Informatics

Leveraging your clinical asset data in combination with TRIMEDX insight on more than 3.4 million device records, our RSQ Analytics platform enables Clinical Asset Informatics unprecedented visibility into your equipment performance, utilization, and regulatory compliance, and provides an objective data-driven approach to capital planning. TRIMEDX supports the comprehensive lifecycle management of your clinical assets – unlocking significant opportunities for your health system.

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Device Safety and Security

Device Safety and Security for medical devices is constantly evolving and facing new challenges every day – from an increase in the number of recalls to the proliferation of cybersecurity threats. With more than 20% of a hospital’s medical device inventory connectable to the network, the implications for patient safety and hospital performance are significant. TRIMEDX bridges the gap between clinical engineering, information technology, and regulatory to limit a hospital’s risk exposure and accelerate response to incidents should they occur.

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Client Results

TRIMEDX serves 3,700+ hospital locations across 43 states. Our expertly trained clinical engineers manage millions of devices on a daily basis representing clinical assets of all kinds, for multiple manufacturers. See why leading health systems in the U.S. depend on TRIMEDX.

$500k Capital Expenditure Avoidance
$10M+ Annual Operational Savings

A community-based health system was safely using a nuclear camera that was well beyond AHA useful life that was in needs of repairs. The hospital questioned if $100k in repairs was appropriate, and considered purchasing a new camera which would require a capital investment. TRIMEDX supply chain experts were able to reduce repair cost by 50% and in collaboration with the onsite technician, extend the useful life for of the camera for several years avoiding $500k of capital investment.

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A nine-hospital system with an in-house clinical engineering program supported by OEM service contracts requested a TRIMEDX Current State Assessment (CSA). The CSA identified over 50% of clinical engineering repair expense was spent on service contracts. Within 16 months of working with TRIMEDX, the health system achieved $10M in annual savings by investing in training for engineers, migrating service away from OEMs, and leveraging a robust preventative maintenance program.

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“I was skeptical when the TRIMEDX team suggested that we were spending 30% more than we realized on our clinical assets. The results of the Current State Assessment clearly showed we were spending 40% more. TRIMEDX uncovered immediate savings opportunities, and importantly, provided insight that we did not have before.”

– Chief Financial Officer, Large Health System

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