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Tim McGeath of TRIMEDX was featured in an interview on Inside Indiana Business, the week of November 11, 2016. Recently announced plans from Indianapolis-based TRIMEDX to invest $21.5 million and add more than 100 jobs is viewed as another win for the Indiana life sciences sector. For TRIMEDX, it’s business as usual.

“This is not new, we’ve been growing and expanding at a high growth trajectory for a number of years,” said Senior Vice President and General Counsel Tim McGeath. The healthcare equipment management company, founded in 1998 in the clinical engineering department at St. Vincent Hospital, is now an industry leader, with 1,500 employees nationwide.

McGeath says TRIMEDX is growing jobs that are in demand.

TRIMEDX provides services to more than 1,800 healthcare providers around the globe and is now the largest player in the industry. The company expects 2016 revenues to top $500 million.